Interview with Rick Baker, founder of Becky Baker Breast Cancer Foundation


Recently, the staff decided to sit down with Rick Baker, BBF founder. We wanted to ask him about the origins of his foundation, where it going from here and is he really a murderer?

Staff: Mr. Baker, your website reveals the origins of the Foundation, but not really the why. Tell us why you started the BBF.

RB:  Simple. Just before she passed away, Becky told me that she was “sad” no one would remember her name. I promised her that no one would ever forget her name. That’s why I launched the Foundation in her name just one month after she passed away.

Staff: You launched the BBF to provide free mammograms for those who could not afford one. First, why did you choose to give away mammograms, and, second, how was the foundation funded to pay for all those mammograms?

RB: If Becky had gone in for her checkup every year, she would still be here today. The fact is she hadn’t had a mammogram in many years, and she is not alone. Some estimates are as high as 60 per cent of women never get a mammogram. When I launched the foundation, I did so with my own money. All the mammograms that were gifted, thousands I think, where paid from my personal finances. I never took even one donation.

Staff: But now you are asking for donations. What changed and why should anyone give to your foundation?

RB: When I re-launched the BBF in late Spring of this year, I did so with the belief that our foundation will become the national force committed to changing the breast cancer conversation. Today’s conversation is either about breast cancer “research,” or “  breast cancer awareness.” Hey, I have a news flash for the breast cancer industry: Everyone is already aware and the research people don’t need anymore of your money. So, let’s stop wasting millions on a dubious campaign and use that money to teach prevention. In order to accomplish this daunting task, the foundation needs the help and financial support of the many hundreds of thousands of breast cancer patients and their loved ones. It’s a huge undertaking, but I believe we can do it.

Staff: Let’s say I make a donation to Becky’s foundation. Can you assure me that my money will get to the one who needs a mammogram?

RB: That’s a very good question! I’m horrified that so many good people give their hard earned money to just about any charity that has the words “breast cancer” in its name or purpose. Most people would be shocked to learn about the waste and fraud in this industry. When the president of largest breast cancer charity makes close to a million dollars per year, and flies on their private jet, that should be enough information for you to keep your money in your pocket. Is it any wonder that their Race For The Cure is having so many problems? People, once they learn how little of their donation actually gets where they want it to get, just stop giving and look somewhere else.

Staff: If I give a $100 bill to a breast cancer research campaign. How much of that hundred gets to the actual researcher?

RB: About twenty bucks for the bigger charities. There are some that value their integrity and the number is close to eighty percent. Unfortunately, the larger ones are mostly down in the twenty percentile range. A good online source that rates all these breast cancer charities is Charity Navigator. Prepare to be bummed while you look up your favorite charity and see how little of your bucks have gone to your intended recipient.

Staff: If I give $100.00 to the Becky Baker Foundation, how much will go toward funding free mammograms or thermograms?

RB: $95.00. As founder and CEO of the foundation, I take no salary. My Board of Directors are volunteers. We have minor expenses each month that amount to about one percent. Your donation is tax-exempt even while we are on IRS Application Status. So, I’ll take that $100 now please. Just make the check payable to “BBF.”

Staff: Before our interview, I Googled you and learned that you are quite a colorful character. What’s with all the haters and their blogs? What did you do to upset them? They make some wild accusations about you and even posted your alleged criminal record. How do you keep that smile on your face in the midst of this onslaught?

RB: They’re just noise. This is about one of my published books where I investigated a missing family of four from Southern California. Some of their family members are still upset with my theories in the book, so they started posting fake police reports and fake criminal records. Heck, I think someone even posted that I am a murderer. All lies of course and actionable, but hard to stop in today’s online reality. If I could, I would ring their necks. But, they are not worth it. These blogs are run by only three people with a total following of less than 40. They are damaged goods. But, they’re expert IT people, so they know how to flood the Internet with these lies. They are consumed by their hatred for Rick Baker and I wear that as a badge of honor. Who was it that said, “ The greater the enemies, the greater the man?”I stopped listening to them long ago, as has anyone with half a brain.

Staff: Ok, back on track. You have stated that you believe the only way to beat breast cancer is to prevent breast cancer. Do you really believe one can prevent breast cancer in their body? What about the daughter whose mother and aunt have had the disease. How can she prevent breast cancer in her body?

RB: Let’s use as an example the man who smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for fifty years and died of lung cancer that the doctors attribute to his smoking. Could we say that he would have prevented his lung cancer had he never smoked? I think that’s a safe statement. If breast cancer is hereditary, that is a bit different. But there are tens of thousands of new breast cancer patients every year in this country who have no history of the disease in their family. So, if a woman such as this, consumes five to six diet drinks every day and then is diagnosed with breast cancer, I believe it possible, even likely, that had she not consumed any diet drinks, and had instead been committed to organic fruit and veggie drinks, she would not have gotten sick. If the cancer is hereditary, all the more reason to take care of your body and be aware of its every change. Garbage in and be prepared for garbage out.

Staff: I see you are heading out on another #Race4Prevention Tour. When are you leaving, where will you go and what super car will you drive this time?

RB: Not sure when I’ll hit the road this time. Probably in the fall. Will be driving the GTR again with a new wrap guaranteed to turn heads. The more publicity, the more women we save.

Staff: Thanks, Mr. Baker for your time and best wishes to you with your foundation and its noble cause. Keep it under the speed limit!

RB: Haha. Always!

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