Why Should You Donate?

Your donation can do much more than save one life. You can save a family!

In 1940, 1-in-5,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. In 2017, it was 1-in-7. Everyone knows someone who has breast cancer, has had breast cancer, or has died from breast cancer. The disease has reached epidemic proportions. 


In the past, the majority of women developed breast cancer because of their genetics. Not so today. Thousands of women are diagnosed annually with no history of breast cancer anywhere in their family tree.

We believe that the best way to stop this epidemic is through prevention. A mammogram or thermogram is the first step in this prevention process. However, it has been estimated that close to sixty percent of women in the US have never had a mammogram or thermogram! We are committed to changing that sad fact.

While there are many reasons for this such as fear, ignorance, or a busy schedule, the main reason is financial. Many women cannot afford the $200 it takes for the checkup and do not have insurance to cover the cost. So, they go without. And as a result, close to 40,000 women will die in this country this year. How many of these deaths could be prevented if these women had been able to afford a mammogram or thermogram? Thousands, no doubt.

Your donation toward a mammogram or thermogram can do much more than save one life. You can save a family. When a mother perishes from breast cancer, she leaves behind a devasted family; children with no mother, a husband who is forced to now pick up the broken pieces and raise the family alone. So many others are forever damaged with the passing of just one life.

How Much of Your Donation Goes Toward Mammograms and Thermograms?

95% of every dollar is the highest percentage of any Foundation

We guarantee that .95 of every dollar given to the Becky Baker Foundation will go toward a mammogram or thermogram. Our Founder, Rick Baker, takes an annual salary of $1.00. While we have a few others on staff with a salary greater than a dollar, the FDN is a labor of love with many volunteers generously giving of their time and talents to help save as many women as possible. We don’t hide unnecessary expenses in our “Programs Costs” as others do. We are completely transparent with every dollar received. Further, if you designate your donation of $200 to a specific individual, or to honor a loved one who has passed, every penny of your donation will go toward a mammogram, or thermogram, as specified.

Why Donate To The Becky Baker Foundation?

Our Focus is on Breast Cancer Prevention, Not Research or Awareness

We all want to eliminate breast cancer. It has touched most every life and is a brutal disease – the diagnosis, the treatment, and possibly death.

Yet, with so many breast cancer foundations out there, where should we give our money to make the most impact?

Let’s start by setting the stage. Most breast cancer foundations are committed to awareness or research. Most of these organizations spend their donations on: 1) advertising and outreach, so they can get more donations; 2) Studies for treatments, IE, more drug trials, or; 3) Helping families with cancer, such as driving to appointments, support groups, etc.).

While all of these goals are worthy, we wouldn’t even need #2 and #3 if there was no breast cancer, so The Becky Baker Foundation focuses on cutting breast cancer off before it starts!

We feel confident focusing 100% on prevention because we believe that the best way to beat breast cancer is to not get breast cancer.

With that said, we believe that the big breast cancer organizations might me missing the mark when it comes to ending breast cancer. What do these organizations’ view of prevention look like? 

Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen’s depicts prevention with a picture of a beautiful, young mother holding her toddler. Both are happy and healthy. They educate women that there are factors they can and cannot effect. For example, they can’t change whether or not they are a woman or their age.

Then, they make the boldest misinformed statement in the breast cancer industry, just eight short paragraphs from the top: “…there is no one behavior that will prevent breast cancer.”

What? In fact, there are many behaviors that might prevent breast cancer. What you eat, drink, how you manage your stress levels, and one key behavior of keeping your vitamin D serum levels above 60 ng/ml, that could prevent 80% of breast cancer. Also, there is the acquired behavior of regularly scheduling your mammogram or thermogram. These are all behaviors that may prevent breast cancer in your body. 

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

BCRF fundraises solely to grant researchers money to study breast cancer. Because of this, they do not give any blanket recommendations and you truly have to search their website to find any recommendations. So, hats off to BCRF for letting the research speak for itself!

National Breast Cancer Coalition

NBCC has set a deadline of 2020 to “know how to end breast cancer.” That is a lofty goal and we support them 100%. We would say that a good way to get there would be to start NOW with a community project of prevention. There isn’t much time left to achieve that goal, and The Becky Baker Foundation is doing all it can by providing free mammograms and thermograms.

The American Cancer Society’s View on Prevention

The American Cancer Society has a prevention web page with six main categories or pictures. Of these, three are based on medical vaccines, tests, or screenings. Two are natural preventive measures – stay away from tobacco and eat healthy & get active. Their other preventive measure is to be safe in the sun, with a picture of a child being slathered in sunscreen.

Nowhere do they define what “healthy eating” is nor do they provide any examples of being “active.”  And while we do agree with the importance of sun safety and not burning, they are unwittingly contributing to keeping vitamin D levels low by focusing on sunscreen use and sun avoidance.

All of these organizations are trying to make the world a better place and they do help many people.

However, to ensure your donation dollars and your efforts go toward breast cancer prevention, you may consider either:

1. Donating to The Becky Baker Foundation. Your funds go 95% toward prevention. With $1M we can provide over 5,000 mammograms or thermograms each and every year. With approximately 40,000 women perishing annually from this evil disease, and many thousands of those as a result of not being able to afford a screening, your generous donation can save lives. 

2.  When going to an event such as a walk or a rally, print copies of our brochure (Link on homepage and hand it out. Set up table and give away our beautiful pink pens (You can request them from us, link on homepage.) Create a sign that says, “Free Mammograms or Thermograms! 

NOTE: We will begin accepting tax-deductible donations once our new website is launched in mid-September.


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